At the time Minecraft was launched on the Nintendo Wii U platform last year in December, the company stated that it had plans to include “new content for the fans that would be released at a future date”, so probably many wondered about what would Nintendo put on the table as it’s a well known fact that they struggle to always offer quality and really nice polished and interesting games to their audience.  Well I’m quite enthusiastic about the fact that they decided to make a crossover between their most valuable franchise, Super Mario and Minecraft because the result was an outstanding Mario Minecraft game that looks just amazing.

Mario minecraft game

It’s well known inside the online Minecraft players community that Mario based skins appeared pretty soon after the early versions of Minecraft were released and this kind of packs are available for download many sources, yet the product that Nintendo developed it’s something that takes this to a professional level that includes 40 different skins, 15 tracks of music from the Super Mario 64 game lots of textures, plus it also features a pre built word so that one can see the true potential this mash-up pack has to offer.

Because of the vivid colors that are a somehow like a badge of Mario games and because of the fact that it combines two extraordinary and extremely popular titles into one, the new born Mario Minecraft game it’s something that in my opinion should be awarded as the best looking Minecraft themed game available.
If one would imagine an old 16 bit Super Mario World rebuilt into 3D probably it will end up to something similar this pack has to offer so I’m sure that builders of all ages that are also Mario fans just got their dream come true just as Nintendo itself states on their official homepage:

nintendo statement