Mario kart 8 deluxe 8K resolution

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe played at 8K resolution

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe was launched to the new Nintendo Switch console only few months back, in April 2017 more exactly and quickly became one of the most acclaimed titles from the video games industries this year. With new characters added, antigravity racing courses and a revamped battle mode featuring five More >


Nintendo Snes Mini classic to be released in september 2017

Nintendo finally set the release date for it’s new retro gaming console called SNES Mini Classic to 29th of September 2017, so fans all over the world started hunting the available preorders in order to get their hands on it as it’s still available on big retailers stock. The rush for More >

Mario minecraft game

Mario Minecraft game

At the time Minecraft was launched on the Nintendo Wii U platform last year in December, the company stated that it had plans to include “new content for the fans that would be released at a future date”, so probably many wondered about what would Nintendo put on the table as More >

Super Mario Bros crazy game plays

We all heard that Mario is the most beloved character in the video games industry of all times, yet by having a closer look at this insane amount of popularity, one may easy come with the following question. What makes Mario so Super special that everybody talks about, as he is More >

Super Mario bros run new world record

Super Mario Bros. speed run world record

News travel fast and fast news travels even faster in the online environment as a new Super Mario Bros. speed run world record has been achieved. The game that was released decades ago still captivates youngsters of the new generation of video games players and this is the case for Darbian More >