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Interesting stuff related to 8 bit Mario from all over the internet world.

Super Modern Mario Bros.

Super Modern Mario Bros is a game parody based on the original 8 bit Super Mario Bros Nes title that looks truly amazing. By mixing the old retro aspect with modern technology they managed to make the game look kind of 3D. This was achieved by adding a slight perspective More >

The greaet mission to save Princess Peach story

The great mission to save Princess Peach – Mario Bros anime

Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen that could be translated into English as The great mission to rescue Princess Peach is a anime video released in Japan way back in 1986. Few years later it was ported to VHS tapes and starting recently it’s also available on DVD. The animation film retells the damsel More >

8 Bit Mario question block lamp lights the real world

Two guys from San Francisco area, Adam and Bryan come up with a fantastic idea back in 2012, as they perfectly managed to combine their passion for 8 bit retro gaming with home décor. The result became popular quite fast as more and more people were eager to get their More >